Enhancing Data Storage Security using Block Chain Technique in Cloud Computing

A. Akila

S. Nandhini

M. Pavithra

K.S. Suman

E. Madhorubagan

Keywords: Database Security, Database Replica, Cryptographic Algorithms, Error Recovery Process.


There are multiple ways to keep the data by using Distributed Database in Cloud platform, single database client keep data only on single server, but if multiple client needs to utilize the data at same time with data consistency, data can modify during concurrent data access. Handling data in single database may be easy, but problems related with data confidentiality, availability, consistency, bottleneck and single point failure are always occurring. So, to minimize these problems, we make use of Distributed Database today, in which data are stored in multiple servers, and so clients access the data concurrently. Here, data are distributed in multiple places and are available anytime/anywhere. In addition, numerous replicas of the data are stored in various servers so if data is lost during concurrent access, replica is available and made available to client. Data security is controlled using different encryption algorithm like Data Encryption Standard, Triple Data Encryption Standard) and Advanced Encryption Standard, etc. Numerous kinds of data are encrypted in various cryptographic schemes and level of security is enhanced with more confidential data. Moreover, an error recovery method is also processed out in system resulting in re-correction of the failed cloud instance if data is found to be altered there. The main advantage of this method is increase in data security and single point failure elimination. Here, particular client is unaware of what kind of encryption is made to data and what cloud server instance is provides that data. So, data availability, data security and data consistency is achieved much well than single cloud database architecture.