Embedding Image Using Triple Des Algorithm by Steganographic Technique

T. Dhileepkumar

M.A. Jaikumar

V. Logesh

R. Steffigraf

S. Anguraj

Keywords: Mean Square Value, Image Quality, Image Analysing, Image Encryption, Reprographic System.


Content-based image retrieval is a procedural architecture that uses computer vision techniques to search and manage large image collections more efficiently. As vast digital picture collections grow as a result of rapid advancements in electronic storage capacity and processing power, there is a rising demand for devices and computer systems that enable image collection browsing, searching, and retrieval. With ongoing advancements in vision and hearing breakthroughs, computerised information security has become a vital issue. To address the weaknesses of momentum security conventions, scientists frequently focus their efforts on changing existing conventions. However, a few proposed encryption calculations have been proven to be untrustworthy in recent years, posing significant dangers to sensitive information. Using the most appropriate encryption calculation is a vital step in defending against such attacks, but which calculation is generally appropriate in a specific scenario will also depend on the type of information collected.
For the ever-expanding image database, traditional image retrieval techniques are no longer supported. These disadvantages are avoidable by retrieving photos depending on their contents.