A Study on the Experience of Online Learning in Light of the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)

Imad Fadhel Sabah

Gulsum Akkuzu Kaya

Keywords: Online Learning, Covid-19, Learning Performance, Traditional Method


With the emergence of the new Corona epidemic, many difficulties related to education appeared in the field of education, as education, especially schools and universities, requires attendance, student gatherings and teaching staff, and this is the danger in light of the Corona virus. For this, the world moved to adopting a new pattern of learning, which is distance learning, and there are also other areas witnessed a digital presence instead of personal attendance, such as competitions and sports, as the audience became cameras and screens that transmit the event. In addition, the field of education is relying on lectures on the Internet to avoid gatherings and mixing and many things that must be taken into account such as students accepting the idea of learning via Internet at the time of the university's closure and in a test of the remote learning model. The present study is conducted in medical college (dentistry) which adopted their lectures and activities to learn on the Internet in 2020 in order to stay at home in the shadow of the quarantine imposed by the epidemic on the whole world. This paper investigates these experiences were the first of its kind Students' reaction to such a kind of science and acceptance of courses on the Internet. It is shown and actually evaluated the effects of learning over the Internet on the performance of students, absorbing them and benefiting from online learning. The study was done on students and colleges of medicine in all branches for university students, and the event results evaluated for these courses (via the Internet) for the comparison of students results in the courses held on the Internet in light of the epidemic and the courses and lectures that students conducted in the traditional style (face to face) and for the same Courses.