IOT-Based Soil Moisture Detection Using Arduino with A Farmer's Guidance App

U. Abishek

R.S. Abishek

J. Sanjay

S. Mounika

Keywords: Android, Sensor, IOT, Agriculture, Farmers


Agriculture accounts for approximately 80 to 90% of the total freshwater consumption in the United States. A simple method to conserve water within the agricultural industry involves the installation of soil moisture sensors. These sensors gauge the moisture levels in the soil, enabling the maintenance of consistent and optimal soil conditions for plants. In certain instances, the implementation of soil moisture sensors has resulted in a reduction of residential irrigation by up to 50%. Water usage remains significant in modern agriculture, prompting efforts to automate irrigation systems through technological advancements. The sensor utilized in this system is designed to resist corrosion and has a prolonged lifespan. In our setup, we have integrated Arduino to detect soil moisture levels, wherein the sensor directly transmits the collected data to Arduino. With the assistance of our application, the acquired values allow for comprehensive monitoring of soil and crop details specific to individual crops.