Distributed Digital Hostel Management

M. Pravinkumar

A. Sathish

G. Suganesh

S. Nithyakalyani

Keywords: Digital, Information.


The project is titled "DISTRIBUTED DIGITAL HOSTEL MANAGEMENT" and it was created using HTML, CSS, and MySQL as the front end and back end, respectively. PHP is the coding language in use. The project seeks to manage student information, room information, and allotment information. The person responsible for maintaining the hostel's room information is the Warden.
By automating every step of the process, the Project directly addresses the issues. The user interface of this project is flawless. due to the fact that it was created in a graphical user interface environment. It effectively converts manual effort into systemized work. It is acknowledged as one of the most challenging challenges in system development.
Typically, the user is questioned regarding the information that is currently available as well as any additional information.