An Android Application for Women Safety

V. Kanishka

S.P. Mithra

V.S. Vimalaa Sri

S. Nithyakalyani

Keywords: Women, Siren, Register, Contact, Message, Android Application, Safety, Emergency, Parents, Friends, Location.


Women's lives are threatened by violence and discrimination in today's environment, which prevents them from taking part in any social activity. These limitations include not knowing the crime's location, having no internet access, and having a tough time contacting the police. To overcome from these limitations this paper introduces an android application called “women safety” which gives women a dependable way to call the police in an emergency without using the internet. This allows the user to write the message content, choose the contacts to whom it should be sent, and save it. The stored message will thereafter be sent to those contacts when the user long presses the "VOLUME UP" button on her phone in a perilous circumstance.