Enabling Authorized for Multi-Authority Medical Database

M. Gopi

S. Manikandan

P. Shevaksri

S. Anguraj

Keywords: Multi-Authority, Multi-Client, Non-Interactive.


Client-server and local database data are less secure than cloud-based data. records in the cloud, which will provide a number of security-related difficulties to the PMR's privacy and confidentiality. Because they include sensitive information, electronic health records should be kept in an encrypted database. The storing of very sensitive personal health data raises numerous security concerns. Our suggested system uses the RSA function to give each authority the option to restrict the search capabilities of various clients based on clients' privileges. In a cloud environment, medical data can be protected using cryptographic protocols. The multiple authority ABE methodology is a security technique that focuses on the numerous data owners and divides users in the PMR system into different safe domains, creating complexity in key distribution for both owners and users. A single key can be used in the proposed system's distributed attribute-based encryption (DAE) technique to access Personal Medical Records from any institution, which simplifies key management.