Psychometric Matrimony

Dr.S. Anguraj

C. Gobika

P.P. Surriyaa

V. Vasanth

Keywords: Psychometric Assessments, Compatibility Testing, Personality Profiling, Relationship Compatibility, Marriage Counselling, Partner Selection, Interests and Hobbies Matching, Relationship Goals, Matchmaking, etc.


Psychometric matrimony is an approach that utilizes psychometric assessments to evaluate the compatibility and suitability of individuals for long-term committed relationships. It combines the principles of psychology and measurement to evaluate the compatibility and suitability of individuals for long-term committed relationships. It involves administering assessments to both individuals in a relationship and analyzing and interpreting the results to identify areas of compatibility or potential challenges. Traditional methods of partner selection often rely on factors such as physical attraction, shared interests, or societal norms. Psychometric matrimony takes a more scientific and systematic approach by incorporating tests or questionnaires to assess various psychological aspects of individuals. It recognizes the importance of understanding and aligning fundamental aspects of individuals, such as personality traits, values, communication styles, emotional intelligence, and other psychological factors that influence relationship dynamics. Research on compatibility has explored the role of personality traits, values, communication styles, and other psychological factors in predicting relationship outcomes. Psychologists and researchers have developed various psychometric assessments to assess relationship compatibility. These assessments measure aspects such as personality traits, attachment styles, love languages, conflict resolution styles, and relationship expectations. Marriage counselling and therapy use psychometric assessments to gain a deeper understanding of couples' dynamics, identify areas of compatibility, and guide therapeutic interventions. Online matrimonial services incorporate psychometric assessments as part of their matching algorithms. Relationship Coaching and Counseling Services use psychometric assessments to provide couples with potential matches.