Waste Food Management and Donation App

G. Haripriya

V. Kalpana

M.K. Suwethaa

Dr.K. Balamurugan

Keywords: Waste Food, Donation, Management, Tracking, Mobile Application.


A comprehensive mobile application for Waste Food Management and Donation, which enables users to easily track, manage, and donate excess food. This mobile application aims to facilitate the tracking, management, and donation of excess food in order to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The application will provide users with an intuitive way to track food waste from various sources including restaurants, grocery stores, and households. It will provide up-to-date information about food waste generated, helping users to identify how serious the issue of food waste is in their areas. Additionally, users will also be able to upload information about food donations they have made and receive rewards as incentives for their actions. The application will allow users to easily locate donation centers in their area. It will also provide detailed information about the food donation process, including rules and regulations. Furthermore, it will integrate with existing food-related services, such as food banks and food-sharing sites. Finally, the application will provide detailed reports on user donations and contributions, enabling users to track their progress and accomplishments. Overall, this mobile application will provide a comprehensive waste food management and donation experience, enabling users to easily track, manage, and donate excess food. It can help to reduce food waste and encourage sustainable practices.