The Role of Customer Relationship Management in Promoting Green Social Behavior An Analytical Descriptive Study in State Company for Food Products (SCFP)

Ali A. Sulaiman

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, Green Social Behavior, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Value, Green Learning, Individual Practice, Influencing Others, Organizational Voices


In order to confront climate change, and from the perspective of social responsibility, business organizations contribute and assume the responsibility of contributing to facing climate change. The Customer Relations Department in State Company for Food Products (SCFP) takes its role by guiding customers to adopt green social behavior through proper consumption of products and avoiding waste and pollution of the environment. The purpose of this study is to study the extent of the impact of customer relations management at State Company for Food Products (SCFP) on the green social behavior of the customer. The study was conducted on employees of customer relations management and marketing management, the number of respondents was (56). The comprehensive statistical package (SPSS) was used for the purpose of examining the effect and the relationship between the variables of the study. It was concluded that (customer relationship management has a significant impact on changing the behavior of customers by adopting environmentally friendly social behavior. Recommendations for the study were concluded, most notably (preparing strategies to acquire customers on the basis of environmental sustainability).