The Impact of Strategic Leadership in Achieving Outstanding Performance

Husham Mayea Fazaa Almusaedi


The research seeks to identify the impact of strategic leadership in its various dimensions in achieving performance excellence and the impact of the variable in achieving performance excellence, and to study the relationship between strategic leadership and outstanding performance. It allows leadership with a strategic direction for the organization through the achievement of purposeful work plans, with the dissemination of goals across tracks, as well as the preparation of a balanced strategic dashboard mechanism. Despite proceeding with the technical aspect that accompanies this mechanism, this should not lead us to overlook the human aspect that controls the actual success of any An institution, the current bet is not of a purely technical nature, the strategic dashboard did not come with anything new in its content, the new one is represented in a new and easier use of previous values, the dimension here is a systematic dimension as it combines the distinct dimension with the need for monitoring within a long-term future outlook, so the goals are spread through action and the permanent correction approved according to reality, if it is fully implemented and achieved, can be given to the institution through the dashboard in achieving perfect performance. With a cockpit strategy of intrinsic results and windows into track and individual performance, all that has been said, the stakes for the future lie in transforming systems that only track results into systems that teach how to do things better.