Strategic Network and Psychological Contract Breach: The Mediating Effect of Role Ambiguity

Dr. Abbas Gatea Atiyah

Keywords: Strategic Network, Role Ambiguity, Psychological Contract Breach.


Organizations aspire through the formation of a strategic network of alliances, partnerships, mergers, etc., to shift to a better competitive position and gain new experiences. As a result of this, fundamental changes occur in organizational structures, distribution of powers, and wages. Also, those processes lead to a change in the tasks and the requirements for carrying out the tasks. Which often leads to resistance to change by individuals in various ways. As a result of the employee feeling the ambiguity of the role, and continuing in this situation, the employee will feel betrayed by the organization and thus will be vulnerable to a breach of the psychological contract. This study tended to investigate this gap and try to highlight it. Therefore, I assumed that there is an effect of the strategic network in causing the breach of the psychological contract, through the ambiguity of the role. The study hypotheses were tested in one of the important global institutions in the paint industry (Jotun Company). The test was conducted on a sample of (198) individuals from all administrative levels in the company. The research model and its hypotheses were tested using SmartPLS. The results of the study showed that there is an effect of the strategic network on the psychological contract of the individual. Therefore, it recommended the importance of taking preventive measures before the emergence of these symptoms in individuals. Instead of adopting therapeutic techniques that may not achieve the intended purpose.